3 Things I Learned This Week

In every situation in life there are lessons and blessings. After a full week of work events and situations that took me waaay out of my comfort zone, I’m taking a moment to look at what I learned this week. Continue reading

Week’s Top Job Search Tips

employeesonly1. I Didn’t Get the Job! (Wise Job Search)

2. 5 Quick Tips For More Confident Networking (Careerealism)

3. Resignation Do’s and Don’ts (About: Careers)

4. The 10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes Ever (Infographic; Savvy Intern)

Also from DeniseMpls:


How College Career Centers Help You

career-elementsA college education brings many benefits:

  • Practical training/education to get a better job
  • Learn things about yourself
  • Exposure to other cultures
  • Expanding your professional community (your network)
  • Inspiring your family
  • Increase your earning potential

Another benefit of going to a two-year or four-year college is gaining access to Career Services that can help you with job search skills, connecting with employers, and developing your career identity. Continue reading

Ferguson Cools Down Ice Bucket Challenge

Don’t you love the Internet? It makes mountains out of mole hills, and can turn a quick fad into a worldwide phenomenon.

Orlando JonesCase in point: The Ice Bucket Challenge. At least this time an Internet frenzy lead to the ALS Association raising more than $70 million for research and care for people afflicted with Lou Gerhig’s Disease.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a simple concept: A person challenges their friends to either give money to ALS or dump a bucket of icy water over their heads. In addition to the countless everyday people who have taken the challenge and/or donated money, dozens of celebrities in the United States and Britain have challenged each other and posted their videos online.

The guests and hosts of the “Jimmy Fallon Show” are a fun example of how the challenge works:

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