Q&A: How To Handle A Bad Job Reference


office2I need to find a better job, but I’m stuck. I don’t want to use anyone at my current job as a reference because I don’t want them to know I’m looking. My supervisor from my previous job didn’t like me. I think that former boss is saying bad things about me to other employers. How can I get a good reference from my past job?


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Give To The Max Thursday To Your Favorite Charities

GTMD15LogoVerticalColorSafeThursday, November 12, 2015 is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota. This annual event promotes online giving to your favorite schools and nonprofit organizations.

Previous Give to the Max days have spurred $14 million in donation within 24 hours to hundreds of organizations that help animals, education, arts, health, economic disparities, cultural groups, and more.

You can give any day of the year, however, donations made on GiveMN now through November 11 will be transacted on November 12, making some eligible for matching donations and other incentives.

What You Can Do

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JOB ALERT: Positions in Diversity & Biz Development

POSITION A: Paid Internship for Graduate Student

office1A paid internship is available within the Office of Equity and Diversity in MnSCU. This position will be involved in assisting the Director of Diversity Programs and Evaluation conduct a data scanning project for MnSCU institutions. With the support of the Director, the intern will assist in data collection, creation of a reporting template and dissemination of institutional data reports. The student worker paraprofessional will attend regular staff meetings and have the opportunity to learn and experience the work from a system-wide approach to diversity and inclusion in higher education. Full positions description on State of Minnesota employment board.

POSITION B: Business Development for RESOURCE Inc.

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How To Recognize YOUR Privilege

We all have privilege.

There is something about you that gives you social, economic or political status. You might not be aware of the status you have — or it might not seem like a big deal to you — but you do have privilege.

What is privilege?

privilegeIt’s “a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others.” Privilege is also defined as “the advantage that wealthy and powerful people have over other people in a society.”

But privilege is not just for the wealthy. You receive benefits in our society if you are able-bodied, or heterosexual, or from a certain cultural group, or speak a certain way. (Check your level of privilege here.) Continue reading

4 Reasons Summer Is The Best Time to Job Search

1. Companies still need to hire, even when it is 95 degrees outside. If you stop your job search, you could miss out on some great opportunities. 

Read more in 8 Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Job Hunt (Mashable)

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