Do You Know How To ‘Work’ Your Attitude?

You have the skills to do the job. So how does a business owner or hiring manager decide if you are the right person for the job?

Many employers say soft skills – including your attitude — matter more than technical skills when filling entry-level positions.

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What Happens To My Social Media When I Die?

PDA-subwayWhat Happens to Your Social Media Profiles When You Die?

While Twitter will start deleting accounts after six months of inactivity, most other social networks won’t touch your profile unless specifically asked by a family member or an agent of law enforcement.

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Career Spring Cleaning Tips

flyskyThe Muse recently posted 9 Must-Dos for Your Career and Life This Spring.

This round-up of other blog posts includes tips from some of my favorite sites, including Marcand Angel Hack Life and Lifehacker.

I especially like tip #8. Picking up a new skill for work or for fun is a short-term investment of your time that can benefit you for many years to come.

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Why You Need A Career Coach

You might drive your car nearly every day. However, being a good driver does not make you an expert auto technician. That’s why when it’s time to get the oil change, you take your car to a professional.

Ian BrittonWhat does your job search have to do with getting your car’s oil changed?

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Preview Summer Workshops At North Mpls Job Fair

DeniseMpls Career Services is excited to be a part of the 3rd Annual African American Networking Breakfast for Women, Vendor and Job Fair Saturday, March 28 North High School.

African American WomenEveryone is welcome to come and meet local business owners and reconnect with people in your professional community.

This Saturday is the first opportunity for job seekers and career explorers to sign up for online and in-person workshops. These workshops will help you to find your career identity, use social media to connect with employers, and make the most of your job search. Continue reading