How To Recognize YOUR Privilege

We all have privilege.

There is something about you that gives you social, economic or political status. You might not be aware of the status you have — or it might not seem like a big deal to you — but you do have privilege.

What is privilege?

privilegeIt’s “a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others.” Privilege is also defined as “the advantage that wealthy and powerful people have over other people in a society.”

But privilege is not just for the wealthy. You receive benefits in our society if you are able-bodied, or heterosexual, or from a certain cultural group, or speak a certain way. (Check your level of privilege here.) Continue reading

4 Reasons Summer Is The Best Time to Job Search

1. Companies still need to hire, even when it is 95 degrees outside. If you stop your job search, you could miss out on some great opportunities. 

Read more in 8 Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Job Hunt (Mashable)

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QUIZ: What Do You Know About Poverty In The U.S.?

When you think about “poor people,” what images come to mind?

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For the many middle class Americans, most of what we know about people living in poverty comes from the media — fictional TV shows and over-sensationalized news stories.

But what do you REALLY know about the financial, social and emotional realities of living in poverty in the United States?

Take this quiz, adapted from research by Dr. Donna Beegle, Communications Across Barriers, to gauge your poverty awareness. Continue reading

Find Free Job Search Help This Summer

MinneapolisSummer is a good time to prepare for or start a job search.

Use a few hours each week to:

  • think about the job your want
  • research employers
  • update your resume
  • reconnect with network contacts
  • practice interview skills
  • learn a new work skill
  • enroll in an accredited job training or college program

If you do one or two things a week, within a few months you will be confident and ready to make your next career move.

appointmentbookEveryone needs support when looking for work or advancing in their career. For free assistance and resources, go to your local American Job Center, One-Stop or WorkForce Center.

Services at America’s Job Centers vary, but often include free and low cost:

  • Computers with Internet access and free printing
  • Current local job listings
  • Hiring events
  • Job training services
  • Unemployment insurance information
  • Labor market information
  • Employment workshops
  • Supportive services (SNAP, financial assistance, Medicaid, child care, emergency funds, and other benefits)
  • Referrals to community resources and other agencies

More about American Job Centers.

Public libraries often have free workshops to help job seekers and small business owners. Click here to find your local library. Check the library’s website for their schedule of job seeker events.

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Do You Know How To ‘Work’ Your Attitude?

You have the skills to do the job. So how does a business owner or hiring manager decide if you are the right person for the job?

Many employers say soft skills – including your attitude — matter more than technical skills when filling entry-level positions.

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