Find Your First Steps For Career Help

choice-squaresI am looking to make a career change, but have no idea where or how to  start. A family member suggested I meet with a career coach or counselor. I’m not sure what a career coach does or what questions I should ask. What should I expect? Continue reading

You’re Probably Going To Regret This …

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”
~Mark Twain

Most adults have regrets. I know that I do. My biggest regret?

I wish I had more confidence in my teens and 20s.

worriedwomanAs a young adult, I let low self-esteem and a fear of ridicule that sometimes bordered on paranoia stop me from making more friends, dating more, traveling, and taking other risks that ultimately make life more fun.

Like so many people, I was stuck in IfOnlyLand. If only I were prettier … If only I had more money … If only I met the right guy …

Lack of confidence kept me from accepting myself as I was and living in the moment. Can you relate? Continue reading

What Is Your Career Identity?

Regular readers of this blog know that the key to finding “the right job” is to seek employment that matches your career identity.

Career Identity: What you do best, what fulfills you, and what you can give to your work life.

Everyone who wants to find a job that they like, that uses their skills and talents, should be clear about their career identity.

Any student or job seeker wanting to enter a field that they will enjoy and has the potential for livable wages should know their career identity.

What is career identity, and how do you figure out what your personal career identity?

Calculate Career Identity

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Don’t Wish Mindy Kahling ‘Happy Birthday.’ Here’s Why …

The courageous, smart and funny Mindy Kahling has a birthday this month. I would say she’s “celebrating” her birthday, but apparently she isn’t into that sort of thing.

“Anybody can have a birthday. It requires nothing. Murderers have birthdays. It’s the opposite of anything that I believe in. And I don’t like at work where you stop everything to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone. I feel like that’s for children.”

Well, let’s celebrate her wit anyway. Continue reading

How To Find A Job Quickly

The pressure is on for new graduates and other job seekers to get hired — and a paycheck — as soon as possible.

100percentWhether you are unemployed or currently working and looking for a new job, create your job search plan before you contact employers.

You also want to explore career options that fit your financial and personal goals.

Now you are ready to look for work.

These three tips will increase your likelihood of finding the right position and getting a job offer. Continue reading